Essential Questions Of The Wild And Our Own Nature

Who am I? What am I doing here? What’s going on?

On the surface, these questions seem existential yet redundant. But when you really dive into these questions and let them marinate, the answer is much more profound and important than one thinks.

What’s going on?

A lot is going on. The human experience is astoundingly unique, whether that is individually or as a whole. We are in (in my opinion) one of the most interesting time periods to be alive. SO, Donald Trump is ruler of the free world huh? Seems like a bad joke with no punch line. This is a time where I feel like media is the most influential thing happening. There is a blur between reality and reality t.v., so it actually makes sense that a reality T.V. star (and a pompous ass) is our president. Not only is his personality horrid, but also he is regressing the world. Not saying global warming is real? Come on. This is a sad place we are at as far as what is going on in the world, especially in America. Hysteria is now a legitimate excuse for not allowing respectable people of different descent into our nation. Whether that be trying to make their lives better by coming to the U.S.A. to be a student, or more tragically, try to escape a war ridden homeland and just simply survive. Yet, there is still a lot of good happening e and countless people who care and wish to keep making this world a little bit better every single day.

Who am I? When asked this question, the answer can either be very general (such as your family ties, what you enjoy doing, and what you believe in) or it can be quite complex and challenging. Knowing oneself is about understanding your being without any external interruption. Every day we are influenced heavily by the world around us, but if one truly knows their self, these things in life are simply just happening while your essence remains. I believe we are born a certain way and that is just how it is. One of the worst things one can do for themselves is try to run away or disassociate from whom they truly are, causing suffering and confusion about the world as a whole, in my opinion. So, who am I? I am a white male homosapien living in the North East region of the U.S. in North America. My ancestors are from Portugal, Ireland, and Norway. More in depth, I am a lover of music and snowboarding, I feel like I try to do the right thing, and I would never cause anyone harm without reason. I also care very much about my family and friends and love helping those in need. Even deeper into that, I believe that at the end of the day, the only person one can rely on truly is their own self, so it is even more so important that we dig into ourselves and understand who we are, and how our beliefs and values correlate with our behavior and actions.

What am I doing here?

Who the hell knows, honestly. I believe we are here simply by randomness and circumstance. I think humans got very lucky and happened to thoroughly develop a very able body and brain. This, along with language and social connection, is the intelligence that we see in humans and not in any other animals (although, dolphins are very smart). I think that we are here to have a good time, learn lessons, and help others who need it. Life is all about what you make it, YOU decide what you are doing here and everyone’s interpretations will naturally be a little different, which is not only okay, but very cool and interesting. I like to believe we are here to preserve, connect, and get what we deserve. Karma doesn’t discriminate, so remember when it hits you in the face, all that you’ve done and deterred. What are we all doing here? Truth is self evident, so it is up to you to infer.

Let us however, step into the wild. The wild is untamed, unapologetic, and being, in its very essence. We can all learn from the wild, for it is already inside of us, naturally. The wild is that gut feeling you have, that intuition that helps us, and wild knows no “right or wrong”. Seeing a lion eat a gazelle is wilderness. A thorn on a beautiful rose is the best metaphor I can use to describe the wild. It can be dangerous yet is an awesome thing of delicacy. When we allow the wild to exist inside of us , we better understand what it means to be an energy filled life from on Earth. As humans, we love categories and differentiating ourselves: not only even with other species, but even within our own! What I think we can learn from the wild is that we all come from it, and that we need to trust the way it works, for the wild has been and will always be the most powerful entity on Earth.




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