The wildcat is an overseer of the mountain: taking in nature for he is part of it. As a student, I am constantly taking knowledge in all day, sometimes forgetting about the beauty, awe, and power of the uncivilized wild. Exploration is food for the soul of the untamed, and I, myself, feel this way. The collections of pieces that are foretold capture the essence of the forgotten. Most of us live our lives mostly consumed by what man has made for us and see the natural world as something like an escape. Ironic as it is, this is how we are living in the 21st century and it is neither good nor bad; it just is. What is horrendous, however, is how we have forgotten how to treat the Earth and its inhabitants with respect. We can learn a lot from Native people and their wisdom about our planet through works such as Linda Hogan’s Solar Storms. The utter negligence we have developed in American society and the non-seriousness we have had about it since the industrial revolution is pitiful. Granted, there has been reforms and acts the past few decades to establish a foundation for change, but our current administration does not even believe climate change is real (or in other words, may not align in their interests, especially with lobbying groups correlated with monetizing profits through natural resources). How I see it, the natural world is balancing smack in the middle of a very narrow teeter-totter, very easily able to slide one way or the other. Sooner than later, if we do not make a change as a whole, the whole population will see darker days. How ignorant to think that we can keep abusing Mother Nature and believe at some point, she won’t retaliate. Re-thinking our approach to products that harm the environment is our first step.


It starts within every single one of us. But in order to change, we must be able to first identify who we are, where we are, and what we are doing. Life is magical and a blessing, truly. Appreciation for everything living starts with an appreciation for ourselves, for we are each a part of the whole. Yet, we should not JUST appreciate ourselves, for this is dangerous to the world, and ourselves. See yourself as equal to everything. Please be aware, be active, and be in tune the melody of the natural. Pay attention, such as the wildcat with its perked ears, listening on top of a mountain.

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