No Such Thing as Empty Space

Ahead are poems I have written along with corresponding pictures my good friend Tyler Caron took during our adventures to Jamestown and Narragansett bay in Rhode Island (except for the first picture). My inspiration for choosing to do this came mostly from reading Gary Snyder’s work. Nevertheless, here is a poem collection I have titled “No Such Thing as Empty Space”, for the world is endlessly vast. Enjoy!



Art imitates nature like a child to its parent.

Not apparent, is our despondence hiding under a longing for wanting the best

I hope for this, but haven’t acted on suggestions I have set, not yet.

As for the future…

It’s either a world filled with respect, or nothing left to even contempt.

Walk with me

Together lets try to unify our steps.



Freedom is based on nothing but interpretation.

Free of fear, free of hate.

Clear your minds plate, free your ears.

Listen close.

Your heart beats to the rhythm of the deep…


Blue ocean.


As I watch you I cant help but think we art part of you as you are part of me.

Are you free in movement

Or deliberately clueless?

Attachment can be brutal.

Attachment can be beautiful.

It depends on how you use it and your own





Grotesque is the flesh of some who have come to do nothing but get destruction done.

My advice is run.

Run to a place where you take a good look at your face and look beyond that.

Tragically blackened by a saddened world, to some, there are no cares except the stares they glare as they try to caress and finesse (not gently neither).

It is bigger than ego.

Feed your soul if you don’t believe me, I’d be pleased to achieve if nothing else, a life that was lived with ease

Not challenge-less, but balanced and without distress to the blessed world we will soon leave behind.

Be kind.

Not only to the others, but to everything you find.




Divine Feminine: Mother Earth

Divine power is within a flower.

I stepped out into the rain for a soul cleansing shower when I pondered

“What’s over by yonder”

My friend and I have explored what its like to be free of somber by simply walking a little longer.

A flower by the lake, not put there by mistake. It takes a great amount of faith to grow here alone I thought… Then thanked it for being shown.

What a marvelous beauty and extravagant taking of space.

This was not put here for me, surely.

So I pray to whoever or whatever that this flower prospers, and I pray for the day we save the martyrs.

A martyr,

Not for a cause of god,

but for preservation of this world that is becoming lost, odd, and insensitive overall.




Will of The Wave


With the will of the wave is the way I wish to radiate.

Satiate my fate in a resilient state for

WE are the waves,

dangerous with amazing grace

They crash against the rock, which for me symbolizes hate.

To my dismay and distaste I have learned you cannot defeat hate,

but simply recede into a more calming state.

Face the world with your mighty brevity, for longevity is not the goal,

but it is how you shape the place between fluid and solidity without any haste.

The wave is the will of the free

the ocean our inner peace:

Let them intertwine however,

and let everything just be.






 Connection is resurrection.

Even when you feel alone, just know someone feels the same.

Its as if we write the same poem.

If those stairs were all knowing and could speak on the people whos feet were throwing against each step.

I bet it would say people think they are different… but no they are quite similar in a subjective sense.

The steps would probably say there’s no need for regret.

It would probably say

even nature in its rawest form is destructive so dont be so hard on yourself.

Money is not real and only within your soul is the ultimate wealth.

Don’t worry, don’t be hurried, don’t bury yourself in a nest.

Fly away from dismay and realize that each other and mother earth, is all we have left.



The Pathway


Led astray to the right place.

When you see the perils of the world, it’s easier to stare in its face.

There is only one path, but that doesn’t mean the destination has to be the same.




I feel like we are playing this game,

how long can we be ferociously negligent until we have to be tame.

Its insane to think that we are not the ones to blame, but instead, point our led finger at the most powerful gate and say- you’re wrong.

As I put my ways in perspective without judgment, I’m the subject.

I can talk about who’s wrong all day to keep myself sane, neglect the pain, and refrain the rain. But until I proceed with action, I’m the same as the ones to blame.




The Island


The island is silent today.

No birds to lay upon it for they passed away.

They ate plastic someone threw in the bay.




our actions are not elastic,

but instead lead to drastic repercussions.

Selfish is not the way to function,

but it is instilled in our entitlement over everywhere we visit.

Our value has become so intrinsic that I fear we cannot see beyond it.

I’m astonished how much we worryabout our problems, and don’t see that if we do not stop harming everything around us and even inside of us, we have the power to stop it.

Not only our worries, but the flurry surrounding the wholeness beyond it.


The world is here for you to explore.  If you look, even without money, you will never be poor.

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